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Purchasing and Procurement
  1. Cost Reduction Techniques

  2. Increase Your Company's ROI Through Strategic Sourcing, Negotiation & Cost Reduction 

  3. Legal Aspects of Procurement

  4. Manage your Procurement Function Through Lean Management

  5. Principles of Purchasing Management and The Rights

  6. Procurement Risk Management

  7. Purchasing Contracts

  8. Re-Engineering Purchasing Function Through Strategic Procurement

  9. Strategic Procurement with Vendor Selection Process and Negotiation

  10. Strategic Procurement, Negotiation Skills and Cost Reduction Techniques

  11. Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Appraisal

  12. Successful and Effective Purchasing Negotiation

  13. Understanding Your Purchasing Negotiation Functions Well and The Right Approaches in Negotiation

  14. Understanding and Drafting Commercial Contracts

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