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Soft Skills
  1. 5S Concepts and Implementation

  2. Anger Management

  3. Basic English at Work

  4. Basic Grammar for Support Staff

  5. Becoming a Forward Thinker: Facing Today's Challenges with Self-Confidence

  6. Best Practices in Coaching to Increase Employee Performance

  7. Branding & Protecting Your Intellectual Property

  8. Budaya Kerja Cemerlang / Kerjasama Pasukan Cemerlang

  9. Building a Winning Team

  10. Business and Social Etiquette and Networking Skills

  11. Business Communication

  12. Business English at Workplace

  13. Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming

  14. Changing Attitude and Mindset

  15. Coaching Managers An Organisational Odyssey

  16. Communicate and Influence with Tact, Diplomacy, Poise and Finesse

  17. Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills

  18. Conducting Effective Meeting

  19. Conflict Management

  20. Corporate Communication in E-mail Writings at Work

  21. Corporate Communication Practices

  22. Corporate Communication Skills at Work

  23. Creative Leadership Through Strategic Planning

  24. Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

  25. Customer Service Excellence Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  26. Develop Your Potentials - Positive Thinking and Excellence

  27. Developing Effective Marketing Strategies

  28. Developing Emotional Intelligence for The Workplace

  29. Dynamic Public Speaking and Powerful Presentation Skills

  30. Effective Call Handling

  31. Effective Interviewing Skills

  32. Effective Leadership and Managerial Skills for New and Aspiring Managers

  33. Effective Letter and Report Writing

  34. Effective Managerial Skills

  35. Effective Office Administration and Management Skills

  36. Effective Supervisory Skills Training 

  37. Effective Time Management Skills

  38. Emotional Intelligence and Stress Busting

  39. Enhancing Performance Through Teamwork

  40. EQ at Workplace

  41. Essential Coaching and Mentoring Skills

  42. Financial Confidence in Turbulent Times

  43. Goal Setting and the Planning Process

  44. How to Deal Work Along with Negative and Difficult People at Work

  45. Implementing and Maintaining Winning KPIs

  46. Indoor Team Building Workshop

  47. Leadership and Human Relation Skills

  48. Leadership Traits and Assertive Skill for Women Executives in Achieving Impact as a Manager   

  49. Make Meetings Work for You

  50. Master the Arts of Minutes Taking

  51. Microsoft Excel Training

  52. Microsoft Power Point Training

  53. Mind Mapping for Professional

  54. Motivation for Peak Performance

  55. Negotiation and Influencing Skills

  56. Positive Work Culture

  57. Power - Packed Team Building Programme

  58. Practical Presentation and Public Speaking in 24 hrs

  59. Professional Business Presentation Skills

  60. Professional Business Writing Skills

  61. Professional Grooming in Hospitality Industry

  62. Professional Image and Business Etiquette

  63. Project Management

  64. Quality Customer Services: Miles to Smiles

  65. Spoken and Written Business English

  66. Strategic Management

  67. Strategic Management and Planning

  68. Stress Management

  69. Successful Negotiation Skills

  70. Team Building - I'M Possible

  71. The Art of Managing People using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  72. The Office Despatch Personnel Roles & Functions

  73. The Success Principles and Goal Setting

  74. Thinking Outside the Box

  75. Time, Stress and Anger Management 

  76. Training Needs Analysis

  77. Train-The-Trainer

  78. Transforming Managers to Competent Leaders

  79. Writing Letters, Memos and E-mails - The Professional Way

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