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Supply Chain and Logistic Management
  1. Contemporary Global Freight Management – A Manufacturer’s Perspective

  2. Contract Management - Essentials for Supply Chain

  3. Cost Effective Inventory Control

  4. Customs Duty and Sales Tax Exemption and Strategic Trade Act 2010

  5. Effective Inventory Planning and Control and Store / Warehouse Management

  6. Effective Materials Management

  7. Effective Operations Management

  8. Effective Store / Warehouse Operations and Management

  9. Effective Supplier Management

  10. Effective Total Logistics Management

  11. Goods Storage Practices (GSP)

  12. Hidden Logistics Cost and Risks in International Trade

  13. Incoterm, Shipping Import and Export Documentation and Procedures

  14. Integration of Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  15. Inventory, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

  16. Letter of Credit Operations under Conventional and Islamic Concepts

  17. Logistics Project Handling and Management Procedures

  18. Managing Bill of Lading in Global Shipping

  19. Materials Planning and Control and Purchasing

  20. Negotiation and Influencing Skills

  21. Production and Inventory Management

  22. Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

  23. Store / Warehouse Operations, Transport and Distribution Management

  24. Supply Chain Management

  25. The Impact of Maximising Sales and Minimising Cost with Supply Chain Management

  26. The Right Way of Stock Taking and How to Avoid High Stock Discrepancy to Eliminate Financial Loss 

  27. Understanding Air and Sea Freight Forwarding Operations and Customs Clearance Procedures

  28. Understanding Import Export Process and Customs Clearance Procedures

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