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As organizations focus on delivering a sustainable workplace that responds to evolving technologies and user needs, facility management (FM) has an important role to play. As one of the fastest growing professional and operational disciplines globally, organizations require a consistent FM approach across locations, sites and facilities - one that supports in-house delivery and provides procurement teams a benchmark to measure competency and maturity of FM providers in a global market. That’s where ISO 41001 can help.


1.Strategic importance ISO 41001 raises the profile of facility management as a profession and recognizes the value it delivers as part of your organizations strategic direction. As FM moves towards integrated facility management, the services you provide need to align with the organizational strategy and objectives. It’s not just about delivering a service; you also need to manage the life cost and usability of assets, services and obligations to workspace users, and control the environmental impacts of your operations.

2.Service and asset value ISO 41001 provides a systematic approach, which requires you to continually review your service delivery and assets to ensure effective operations, minimize unnecessary cost and derive tangible value for business.

3.Global consistency In response to the growing demand for scalable FM services, FM providers have started to increase capability on a global scale. And with increasing usage in an international arena, consistency is key. That’s where ISO 41001 delivers. It provides you with common principles, concepts and terms including the assessment and measurement of performance to demonstrate competence of providers and give confidence to users.

4,An integrated approach ISO 41001 is based on the ISO high level structure (HLS) that brings a common framework to all management systems. Aligning different management system standards brings greater efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why ISO 41001 is commonly integrated with quality management ISO 9001, asset management ISO 55001 and environment management ISO 14001.

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